The Next Generation of Big Ideas: Kids with Questions for Biolite at Big Idea Week 2014

May 27, 2014

Last week Anton, BioLite’s director of design, went back to school to join a group of 4th graders as they became entrepreneurial designers for a week. As the students from the local community got ready to solve some big problems BioLite wanted to be there to inspire and be inspired. The 9 and 10 year olds came full of curiosity and with an endless supply of questions and ideas. A panel of local designers and entrepreneurs shared their way of identifying meaningful problems, breaking them down, and building positive solutions.

BioLite CampStove and Kids with Big Ideas

After 3 days of tinkering, sketching, and prototyping, the ideas were turned in to concepts that were presented by student teams on stage.

Big Idea Week Presentation

Among the amazing concepts were “The Litter Bugs”, remote controlled vacuum cleaners made to roam the streets, cleaning the city like a swarm of ants. Another urgent need was solved by the creators of the “Anti-Bully-Bot”. He serves as a friend, counselor and protector of a child in need.

Presenting The Multi Chair at Big Idea Week

Another favorite was the 3-in-1 multi use high chair, walker and car seat that enable parents to buy fewer products for their babies hence saving money and the environment. As if that wasn’t enough the chair had sensor technology that could detect the mood of the child so that parents could better serve their needs. Fuelband and  Fitbit meet your next generation of users!

One idea will be prototyped over the summer and be ready for the inventors to review and develop in the next school year. BioLite will follow the progression of the work and looks forward to many world changing ideas to improve our lives in Brooklyn and elsewhere. We're proud to have been a part of this amazing week and excited to see these students become the next wave of creators and founders.

Big Idea Week is the brainchild of educational entrepreneur Alex Rappaport and his company Flocabulary that started out empowering students by teaching grammar through hip hop. 


Special thanks to Tory Williams for the great photography.

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