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BioLite's CEO Explains How The Company Applies Efficient Design to Real World Problems.
BioLite’s New Solar Panels Are A Tech-Adverse Person’s Dream.
This Battery Powered Stove Uses The Lowest Tech Fuel Around.
Products With Purpose: BioLite Launches Latest Additions to The Energy Ecosystem.
BioLite Stays Innovative By Developing Technologies To Solve Problems That Haven't Been Solved Time and Time Again.
BioLite Launches A Spring 2016 Line Including a New Stove, Mini Light and Solar Panel.
Today's Campers Have Options That Make Roughing It A Bit Easier.

BioLite's HomeStove Could Save As Many Lives As Penicillin.

How BioLite's Electricity-Generating Cook Stoves Increase Profit and Decrease Suffering.

BioLite's Parallel Innovation Model Brings Lighting to Multiple Rooms in Emerging Markets and Campsites.
BioLite Brings The Comforts of Home to the Great Outdoors With The NanoGrid.

Get An Inside Look At The Prototypes That Eventually Led To BioLite’s PowerLight Mini.

BioLite's BaseCamp Charges Your Phone While You Grill Dinner.

2016 Predictions: BioLite Will Save The World With A Stove.

How Companies Are Saving Lives Around the World.
The Story Behind How BioLite's Stoves Became a Life-saver in the Developing World.
Biolite’s Bread and Butter: Giving Camping Enthusiasts A Boost and Families Living in Poverty Energy Access.
Receiving a Red Dot Award is One of The Highest Honors a Product Can Receive. BioLite Won Two.
Tech Solutions to the Health Problems Associated With Cooking Over An Open-Fire in the Developing World.
BioLite's New CookStove.
When Outlets Are Scarce, Light & Power Become Man's Best Friend.
BioLite's Breakthrough Tech Can Charge Your Phone and Has Potential to Reach Billions. 
How BioLite's Founders Went From Makers to World-Changers.
BioLite's New Gear Makes Roughing It Not So Rough.
A New Generation Is Changing the Face of the Outdoors.
National Geographic Names The BioLite CampStove Gear of the Year.
Today's Campers Have Options That Make Roughing It A Bit Easier.
  • Fast Company Innovation By Design 2014 - Social Good

    "Excess heat from this stove is converted into electricity, which provides significant fuel savings in developing nations. Our judges pointed out the benefits were even greater. It provides a safer way to burn a fire and a gathering place for families. It might even challenge gender norms of who is expected to maintain a fire—usually women in charge of cooking—if fire is linked to energy rather than food."

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  • 50 Campfires Gear of the Year 2014 - The BioLite BaseCamp

    "While we’re at it, maybe it could cook for us too. Yeah, wouldn’t that be a dream?” Then, like the eighth wonder of the world, BioLite swoops into our conversation (like they do with everyone’s conversations) and says, “As a matter of fact, 50 Campfires crew, our BioLite BaseCamp Stove does all of that."

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  • The Tech Awards - Nokia Health Prize. The BioLite HomeStove

    "Paying for itself in six to seven months, a single HomeStove lowers the rates of potentially fatal respiratory diseases while saving ~2000lbs of wood per year and averting the C02 emissions of a compact car."

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  • Core77 Design Awards - Social Impact, BioLite HomeStove

    "The little stove that could. Went from camping or recreational use to a wider social impact – fully combust the bio mass – so hyper efficient generation of energy. Demonstrates how consumer solutions in the first world can have a wider reach – by exploring the scope of a product; solution now used in a variety of contexts."

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