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AlpenGlow 250 & 500 Instructions

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AlpenGlow FAQs
  • What does ChromaReal technology do? How do I access it?
    ChromaReal LEDs are active on the Warm White Lantern setting. They emit broad spectrum light which helps colors pop and you can see textures/finishes more clearly in lowlight conditions. This can be really useful during nighttime cooking.

  • Can I leave AlpenGlow outside overnight?
    Keeping it outside overnight at your campsite is totally fine. AlpenGlow is IPX4 rated, which means it can handle dew and rain. For best protection against the elements, keep the ports securely closed with the rubber doors.

  • How fast does it take to recharge AlpenGlow from empty to full?
    Approximately 3 hours.

  • How do I know how much battery is left when I'm using AlpenGlow?
    There are four small LEDs at the bottom of the unit that indicate battery percentages.

    When you are approaching empty, your unit will go into Low Power Mode: it will flash four times and then switch to low brigthness on warm or cool white (no other modes accessible). In Low Power Mode, AlpenGlow will provide an additional 1 hour of light. To exit Low Power Mode, recharge your unit....

  • I keep pushing the button but I can't get to candle flicker or cycling modes - help?
    Give it a shake! The internal accelerometer enables you to access those modes. Watch our instruction video for helpful detail on that.