CampStove 2+ Instructions

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CampStove 2+ FAQs
  • How long does the fire need to burn before the CampStove 2 can charge my device?
    The CampStove 2+ features an on-board 3200mAh battery that you can pre-charge at home via micro USB. That means you can have access to a full phone charge even before you start your first fire. However, if you're out on the trail and you're looking to start charging from scratch, it'll take about 5-10 minutes to get some juice cranking. Use the new LED interface to your advantage: the left-hand orange column represents the strength of your fire. The more orange LEDs lit up, the more power you'll be producing.

  • How long does it take the CampStove 2+ to charge my device?
    The CampStove 2+ produces 3 watts of continuous power and features an on-board 3200mAh battery to store your energy. A full battery is enough to provide more than a full phone charge and will charge at the standard speed of a USB charger.

  • How long does the battery last in the CampStove 2+?
    Our Power Packs contain batteries that are designed for years of use when maintained properly. When used regularly, the fire will charge the lithium ion battery for thousands of cycles of use – please contact BioLite if you think your battery needs to be changed beyond normal wear and tear....

  • How do I start a fire in CampStove 2+?
    Make sure your stove is on level ground away from any overhanging branches. Clear away dry brush on the ground around the stove. Have water handy in case of accident. Place dry sticks, pinecones, or pellets in Fuel Chamber; pack loosely and do not block air jets; right-size your fuel so that sticks do not extend beyond the burn chamber (if our air jets can't get to the fuel, we can't combust the smoke). Your stove comes with included FireStarter, we recommended breaking off a small piece and lighting it with a match and placing gently inside your burn chamber. Turn airflow on lowest setting by pressing button on powerpack twice (introducing too much air in the beginning may snuff out your fire).

  • My CampStove 2+ stopped charging my gear - what's up??
    Check the right (green) column of LEDs on the interface - is only one LED lit? If so, that means your CampStove 2 has shared most of its energy and is saving some reserves to keep the airflow system going. Keep your fire burning strong and the thermoelectric generator will start to fill the battery back up, indicated by the green LEDs starting to light up. Green LEDs all full and it's still not charging? Check your cord connection and if it's still not working, contact BioLite

  • How should I position the CampStove 2+ if it’s windy?
    If it’s windy, position the stove so the flame is blowing over the stainless steel fuel chamber away from the plastic power module.

  • How long will it take to boil water in my CampStove 2+?
    The time to boil will depend on the strength of the fire you’ve built. With a strong fire, 1 liter of water can reach a boil in less than 5 minutes. Perspective check: boil time is a popular benchmark among gas stoves because, when you're rationing fuel, every second counts. With BioLite Stoves, you have the freedom to use the sticks and twigs around you, allowing you to enjoy your time with your fire rather than worrying about fuel supply.

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