FirePit & FirePit+ Instructions

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FirePit FAQs
    • Do you have to use your phone and/or Bluetooth to control FirePit+?
      Nope, you can do everything manually via the button located on the side of the usb-rechargeable powerpack. The optional Bluetooth app allows you to control the airflow settings remotely, which comes in handy if you're perfectly bundled around the fire and don't want to get up – but more importantly, it offers precise feedback on how much runtime is left in the battery so you can be in complete control of your clean-burning experience.

    • How long can the airflow system run on a single charge?
      30 hours on LOW, 14 hours on MEDIUM, 7 hours on MAX. IMPORTANT - MAX doesn't mean biggest flames! If you want to have nice campfire feel with big flames, you actually want the system on the LOW setting: that allows the flames to extend and dance around. MAX setting intensifies the fire by increasing airflow and the effect is that the flames essentially collapse on themselves, creating a furnace-like effect. This is ideal for kickstarting an initial fire (see what we did there) or if you're in really chilly conditions and you're looking to radiate a lot of heat.

    • What is the ideal size of flames for cooking with FirePit+?
      Low-to-moderate flame is ideal for cooking, giving you ideal control for both grilling and griddling. Larger flames may lick around your griddle or pans and present a hazard – we don't recommend it.

  • How do I clean the FirePit+?
    The FirePit+ has a trap door at the bottom that you can use to clean out ash and coal (remember to dispose of those safely and have water nearby!). We recommend using a wide painters brush to get any fine ash out if you want a deeper clean. If you're grilling, you can clean the grate with a standard wire brush you use to clean with other grills.

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