Soupa's Cooking, Rain or Shine

July 01, 2014

Gheghta Village | HomeStove | From Arley, BioLite Emerging Market India Field Coordinator

Soupa lives with her husband and three children in a home they share with ten other family members. The women of the house are up at 5am to begin their work, mainly food preparation. In order to supply the cooking fire with fuel, Soupa and her family must purchase wood, gather straw and/or treat dung. With the HomeStove, the family is able to save money and time that would otherwise be spent purchasing, gathering or cooking. Soupa and her family used to cough and have irritated eyes from their fire; thanks to the HomeStove, that has stopped. A big change for Soupa and her family is that the HomeStove is easily transportable. When monsoon season rolls in, Soupa can pick up the HomeStove and move it from its open-air location. With her previous dirt-packed fire, cooking would have to stop when rains came in.


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