Meet Our India HomeStove Sales Promoters!

October 15, 2014

Mindful of the oft-cited gap that exists between the production and widespread adoption of beneficial new technology such as the HomeStove, BioLite is working closely with members of the communities where we are first retailing the HomeStove. In Odisha, India, this collaboration is taking the form of a Sales Promoter program, in which five local gentlemen - Himanshu, Vishwajit, Vishnu, Shushant, and Prahlad - were certified to conduct demos, train sales agents, and complete after-sale service of the HomeStove.

After a one week training in the state capital of Bhubaneswar, the course continued in the remote markets where the stove is sold. Sales Promoters mastered the two-step village demos.

First, to build excitement, a story is presented with a flip chart to highlight the features and benefits of the HomeStove.

Next, the stove is revealed and the Promoters conduct a live demonstration for the crowd that has gathered. We are grateful to the guys for their hard work and excited to watch our partnership with them progress over time

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