Just Add Water: BioLite Recipe Hacks

October 01, 2014

BioLite KettleCharge Cooking

Cooking in a well-stocked kitchen is stressful enough; cooking in the outdoors can be downright scary. Are you unsure what food to pack for your next camping trip? Well we've got some good news: you don't have to choose between taste and nutrtional value to satisfy your hunger (sure, almonds are awesome, but those'll only take you so far). AND, even better news: a hot, re-energizing meal is pretty easy to come by. In honor of our latest KettleCharge launch, our friends over at Mountain House Foods sent us some freeze dried meals to play with and see just what we could do with boiled water and a few quick moves.

Using our BioLite KettleCharge, we were able to create meals in under 8 minutes - now that's fast food in a good way. We've included some additional recipe hacks to take your meal from good to great. We even included "lite hacks" if you really want to keep things simple. You'd be surprised how a little pinch of this or a dash of that can really wake up a meal and make it feel special.

Ok, the basics: How to bring a dehydrated meal to life (seriously. this is easy)

  1. Heat water to boiling in the BioLite KettleCharge (boil for 1 minute if you need to purify)
  2. Open pouch and pour the recommended amount of water directly inside package
  3. Reseal the pouch and let the water rehydrate those freeze-dried morsels
  4. Try one of the recipe hacks below to add some flavor and impress some friends

Important tip: Remember to take the oxygen absorber out of the food pouch before adding hot water. It's not tasty, trust us.

Meal 1 : Mountain House Breakfast Skillet

Ingredients: Hash browns and scrambled eggs mixed with pork sausage, peppers, and onion.

BioLite Breakfast Cooking

Recipe Hack: Pack a bag of corn tortillas, dried cilantro, and a can of refried beans and you can have yourself an amazing breakfast taco FEAST (especially if you toast those tortillas over the CampStove)

Lite Hack: Toss some individual hot sauce packets for an instant kick to your eggs.

Meal 2: Mountain House Macaroni and Cheese

Ingredients: Noodles, freeze dried cheese

BioLite Mac and Cheese Meal

Recipe Hack: If you're feeling gourmet, we suggest adding some dried chives, breadcrumbs, and minced garlic. The crumbs give a nice crunch and the garlic adds an awesome depth of flavor. And chives, well, they make it look like you really tried.

Lite Hack: Who doesn't love a little ketchup on their mac & cheese? Perfect hack for the kids in your camp.

Meal 3: Mountain House Chicken & Mashed Potatoes

Ingredients: Two grilled, seasoned chicken breasts, mashed potatoes with herbs and chives

Chicken and Potatoes Camping Recipe

Recipe Hack: Make your meal super hearty with a packet of instant gravy & mushrooms with a sprinkle of parsley. Gravy makes everything better, plus it's a double-dehydrated play!

Lite Hack: A sprinkling of paprika is a quick fix to add smokey spiced flavor without the heat. Toss your spices in baggies to save space or come up with your own custom spice rub and toss into a single bag.

Meal 4: Mountain House Apple Crisp

Ingredients: Apple, cinnamon, sugar, granola

Boil for Apple Dessert

Recipe Hack: To be totally honest, this apple crisp pretty much rocks as it is, but adding some dried cherries to the mix gives it a quick sour punch that wakes you up and keeps that food coma at bay. Also, feel free to use some leftover chocolate from your s'more supplies. Yum.

Hack Lite: Fall = nutmeg. Sprinkle a little on top and kick back with a cup of tea.

And there you have it! Four complete meals, all prepared with nothing but hot water and a few easy add-ins. And boiling with the KettleCharge is especially handy; when you're cooking at night, plug a USB light into the power handle and instantly illuminate your cooksite – believe us, that becomes extra helpful when you're pouring boiling water into a tiny bag.

Try it for yourself before Fall Camping is over!

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