Scary Places to Be Outside

October 31, 2014

It's one thing to tell a ghost story around a campfire – it's quite another to seek out a ghost to see for yourself.

For those who dare, we've got a list of 8 forests, woods, and hikes around the world that each come with a spooky history and tips on what to look for if you're seeking the supernatural. We're shuddering even as we write this post. 

1) Hoia Baciu Woods, Romania

Hola Baciu Haunted Forest

The Hoia-Baciu Woods are believed to contain a gateway to another world. Upon entering the dense forest, feelings of nausea, anxiety, and unexplained rashes will appear on your skin. You're lucky if that's all that happens.

2. Wychwood Forest, Oxford, England

Wychwood Haunted Forest

If you feel a hand on your shoulder, it may not be your hiking partner. Many people who have braved Wychwood Forest report feeling touched without another person in sight. 

3. Aokigahara Forest, Japan

Aokigahara Japan

Warning, this one is especially dark: Aokigahara is said to be haunted by the souls of people who hang themselves from the trees in the forest. If you think about going in, think twice: the spirits of the deceased are believed to prevent those who enter from leaving.

4. Old House Woods, Mathews County, Virgina

Old House Woods

According to legend, a ghostly pirate ship appears on the beach at night and headless pirates roam the woods looking for their treasure buried long ago. There's a lot of conflict between locals and visitors, but one Mathews County citizen wrote about his encounter with the ship here. Probably not the best beach spot for a bonfire. 

5. Dark Entry Forest, Dudleytown, Connecticut

Dudleytown Haunting

Dudleytown, aka The Village of the Damned, was nestled in a dark, dense forest at the foot of three mountains in Cornall, Connecticut. The forest was given the ominious name "Dark Entry Forest" and was deserted over time due to unexplained deaths and disappearances, all believed to be connected back to a curse placed in 1510. 

6. Devil's Tramping Ground, North Carolina

If ghosts don't scare you, maybe the devil will. The Devil's Tramping Ground in North Carolina is home to a 40 foot circle of barren land surrounded by forest that the Devil is said to pace nightly as he plots the demise of the human race (yikes). Legend has it no one has ever spent the night there and remained sane. 


7. Morgan-Monroe State Forest, Indiana

Morgan Monroe

No haunted list is complete without a cemetery. Morgan-Monroe State Forest is home to Stepp Cemetery. The ghost of a mourning woman protects the tomb of a loved one and chases away all who dare to enter.

8. Mammoth Cave, Kentucky

Mammoth Caves

"Mammoth Cave? But I know people who go there all the time!" is something you might be saying to yourself, but guess what - you've been hiking through a haunted cave! There are a few spirits believed to be within this 400 mile cave system, but one of the most well known is Floyd Collins, an explorer to met an untimely death during a rock collapse near Sands Cave. Some people report hearing screams and cries for help from the now sealed cave, however, others report the spirit being more friendly, trying to help fellow hikers have a safer journey than his own.


Have you been to any of these places? Or, have you had a haunted outdoor experience of your own?

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