BioLite 2013 Holiday Gift Guide Roundup

December 10, 2013

Giving a gift from the CampStove line of products is a great way to make friends and family happy while having a positive impact on the world this holiday season. Your purchase helps us invest in our HomeStove work abroad and keeps us innovating on new core technologies.

BUT just in case you're looking for even more gift-giving inspiration, here are a few of the holiday guides we were recently mentioned in -- lots of great products for a wide range of personalities.

Win at gift-giving this season and read on!


For the Do-Gooder: WIRED's Guiltless Gift Guide

BioLite in Wired Gift Guide

This special edition was guest edited by Bill Gates and features a variety of breakthrough products and technologies that are making the world a better place. A great way to support companies that are trying to make an impact.

For the Fan of Big Ideas: Bloomberg's Favorite Things Guide

BioLite CampStove in Bloomberg Gift Guide

A curated list from the world's top designers you may discover stuff you've never even heard of. 3D printed jewelry based off of the nervous system? Yeah, we didn't know that existed either.

For the Early Adopter: The Verge Interactive Gift Guide

BioLite CampStove in Verge Gift Guide

Get ready to lose your lunch hour to this awesome roll-over slide show that takes you from work to home to the outdoors. Each perfectly composed scene has interactive tags that allow you to roll over and learn more about the product being featured. 140 impressive toys, gadgets, and tools await.

For the Outdoorsman: Gumption Gear Guide and Review

BioLite KettlePot in Gumption Gear Guide

Gumption tested, Gumption approved. From knives to speakers to snowshoes, this is a list of gear that would make any outdoor adventurer happy. 

For the Tailgater: Tailgater Monthly's Holiday Gift Guide

BioLite Portable Grill in Tailgater Monthly

Grillers rejoice! This entire magazine is dedicated to your artform. This guide is not for the faint-of-heart: there are some crazy picks in here that take grilling to a whole new level. But, if you want to start easy, there's some good Whiskey recs in there, too.

For the Scoutmaster: Bryan on Scouting's Guide

Scouting Magazine Gift List

The official blog of Scouting Magazine, Bryan, the head writer, asked his Facebook community for unique gift ideas this season. We get a lot of positive support from scouts, and we were happy to see our name pop up under the category of "Things that'll fit in a box." This crowd-sourced list includes things, places, and experiences, so it's perfect if you're looking to give something a little less tangible.

For the Designer: Modern Farmer's Gift Guide

CampStove in Modern Farmer Gift Guide

Wooden sleighs, handmade brooms, this stuff is just beautiful. If you know someone with an eye for design or an appreciation for crafstmanship, this list ranges from $5 stocking stuffers to the super deluxe.

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