These 3 Ps might come in handy during the next major storm

September 25, 2013

Here at BioLite, preparedness applications are an important part of our products. Our users frequently write in with stories of power going out, phones dying, water sources failing, and how the CampStove became a critical preparedness partner. 

The story that struck home the most for our team, quite literally, was Hurricane Sandy. Our offices are located in Brooklyn, an area deeply affected by the storm. After our office got back to functioning, we set up local charging stations for tea and phone power and we worked with local relief efforts to donate CampStoves to the most devastated areas. 

When talking with fellow New York residents we quickly realized that "Preparedness" was a concept that everyone new about vaguely, but didn't quite know what it really meant or where to start. That's why this year we decided to bring you the 3 Ps of Preparedness: PLAN. PACK. POWER.

Here are some great tips from the preparedness community:

  • "Start small. You can start your journey to self-reliance by small things like simply buying a few extra cans of food the next time you go to the store or plant a couple of tomato plants on the back porch. Save two gallons of water and start making sure your gas tank doesn't go below the halfway mark. You don't have to spend $5000, build a bunker, and move to the hills to be prepared." - Prepper Journal
  • "Many families overlook talking about preparedness with their children. In the event of an emergency, you need your children to be prepared to be able to carry out your plans smoothly. Give them responsibilities and make sure to practice your plans with the entire family." - Happy Mothering
  • "Think and plan in terms of multiples. While it's easy to acquire two or three pocketknives, having multiple safe routes out of town is a bit more complicated. How about communication? Do you know what to do if phone lines are disrupted? Do you have more than one pair of comfortable, sturdy walking shoes and do you know more than one way to build a shelter?" - The Surivival Mom

Be sure to check out additional easy-to-remember tips from our infographic:


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