BioLite Foodie Roundup

April 15, 2014

Brewing the perfect cup of tea to start your day? Grilling up some prime meats with a special seasoning you won't share with anyone else? You might just be a BioLite foodie.

By just grabbing a few sticks around them, our users have been firing up some awesome meals on their adventures. With quick boil times and wood-fired flavors, a meal on a BioLite CampStove turns a lot of heads. We've had a lot of stories come our way of hikers making friends with random passerbys, lured in by a sweet CampStove flame. 

But let's get onto the food!


A tasty video from Hiro over in Tokyo, Japan: Dutch oven rice and fire-roasted fresh tuna 

(Alec, one of our founders, recently visited Japan and Hiro met him at a local store - that black ink you see on the CampStove's power module is Alec's autograph)

Brewing tea on a foggy day in Shenadoah National Park from Kristi G:

BioLite CampStove Boiling Tea at Shenadoah

Kristi says, "BioLite was perfect for brewing a cup of tea and charging my Kindle. What else do you need at your campsite on a rainy, damp, and foggy day?"


Climbing, grilling, and chilling with Paul in Oklahoma

BioLite goes Climbing in Oklahoma

Paul kept himself, his buddies, his GoPro, and his Galaxy S3 powered through a weekend adventure in Oklahoma's Wichita Mountains. Oh, and he grilled up some killer steak n' peppers.


The Norwegian HomeGuard took us for a spin, grilling, boiling water,  and charging in the woods:

Norwegian Homeguard with BioLite 

Tellef noted that while they had other multi-fuel stoves with them, the BioLite was the easiest to start up and the only one that could both cook and charge, using the twigs they found at their site.


John kicks off the grilling season with a 12oz strip steak

BioLite Portable Grill and steak make a good pair

We really wish we were there for that steak. 


Have you cooked up a meal on your CampStove or Portable Grill? Tell us about it! Send us your photos and videos to

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