Happy Birthday CampStove!

May 30, 2013

BioLite: 1 Year Later

Some Favorite Moments from the Team

Getting a CampStove to Bahia

"Getting a CampStove successfully re-routed to Bahia Honda State Park so a user could fire it up during his camping trip! That was a feat." - Jessica

BioLite Jackolantern Halloween

"Carving a sweet BioLantern with the Seattle office - that pumpkin was huge." - Craig

BioLite with the National Guard

"Having the National Guard say 'wow, we could use some of these' while making Brooklyn drip coffee and charging phones after Sandy" - Clay

BioLite HomeStove Moment

"A few minutes in to using the h4 HomeStove in Latur, India, we had a woman ask us 'What did you do with the smoke?' That was a big moment for us." - Ethan

BioLite CampStove during Nemo Storm

"The impromptu rooftop photoshoot and subsequent snowball fight during the Nemo snowstorm (are we really naming snowstorms now??)" - Erica

"Eating a perfect omelette cooked for the first time on a HomeStove at a roadside restaurant in India" - Monte


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