BioLite in Co.Design50

October 01, 2012

"We think that if you look at the ideas each one of these people represents, you'll find a broad narrative about how design is changing-- how businesses are using design in surprising ways, how our interactions with computers and handheld devices are evolving, and how high-tech processes are working their ways into once-static disciplines."

- Cliff Kuang, Fast Company, October 2012 Issue

BioLite founders Alec Drummond and Jonathan Cedar were named to Fast Company's Co.Design50, highlighting 50 people across a diverse range of practices who are shaping the future of design.

Calling our CampStove "ingenious," Fast Company noted BioLite's commitment to a unique business model that seeks to benefit both industralized and developing markets simultaneously.

Check out the full Co.Design50 here.

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