BioLite Preparedness Pack Giveaway!

September 25, 2012

September is National Preparedness Month - do you have your emergency kit ready?

Preparedness Pack Giveaway

For those of you who don't or are just beginning to put them together, we've got a great Preparedness Pack Giveaway going on with some innovative supplies to add to any checklist.

This pack is chock full of items with unique designs, durable materials, and cool technologies that can help you both prepare as well as pass the time in an emergency situation:

  • (1) Osprey Escapist 20 Backpack houses all these items. A terrific pack you'll want to use year-round.
  • (2) pair Cloverware Lite eating utensils from Alite. Easy to clean and heat resistant up to 400 degrees F, perfect for cooking your emergency meals over our CampStove. 
  • (1) 22oz BPA-free glass/silicone bottle from LifeFactory. The clear glass allows you to see your liquids inside, an important detail when you might be boiling water from a spring or well in an emergency setting.
  • (1) Bolt Focus Flashlight from Goal Zero. Focus the beam of light depending on your needs and recharge it via our CampStove so no need to pack extra batteries.
  • (1) mophie Juice Pack Plus, Outdoor Edition. Double the battery life of your iPhone plus have access to a great outdoor app that allows you navigate trails and maps, even without access to WiFi. The app also comes with GPS-locating abilities, which can come in handy in preparedness situations.
  • (1) BioLite CampStove. Cook your food, boil water, charge your gadgets, all off-grid and without the need for fossil fuel. Designed for the outdoors, ready to help you stay prepared.

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Contest ends October 10th.

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