BioLite Wins GearJunkie's EPIC Award!

August 12, 2012

GearJunkie announced BioLite as the fourth recipient of their EPIC award.  The EPIC award is considered a "new industry and outdoor-world prize sponsored by Wenger that highlights adventurers, athletes, gear designers, activists, and artists who affect notable change in the outdoors world."

From GearJunkie's recent post about the announcement:

"But the real bonus with the company - and the reason we were prompted to give an award- is its HomeStove model, which is a sister porduct with which the BioLite aims to get its fire-for-power tech into the developing world. The HomeStove will be made for people in the developing world who cook with wood in enclosed places. It burns fuel efficiently, lessening smoke, and it has the extra benefit of providing power to charge up ligths or other devices needed in daily life."

<img src="" alt="" width="487" height="336" />

Best part? We won an ice axe trophy!

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