User Story: Biolite HomeStove H4 Testing

January 01, 2013
Odisha, India 1/1/2013 | BY BioLite Team 
We brought our latest generation HomeStove, the H4 to a variety of locations to get direct consumer feedback on the performance of the stove and understanding around the willingness to adopt a new technology in place of traditional open fires. HomeStove demos were conducted in community centers in a variety of villages, tested in-home with individual families, and used in local roadside restaurants (dhabas) to explore the variety of conditions under which it might be used. Overall, feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with many members of the community noting that the HomeStove "cooked like gas," a highly desirable trait achieved thanks to our unique fan-assisted technology. The availability of electricity also proved valuable for both lighting and mobile charging purposes.

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