User Story: Cooking Rotla with H2 HomeStove

May 01, 2011
Ahmedabad, India 5/1/2011 BY BioLite Team

We visited an ecological cooperative farm run by women, an hour from downtown Ahmedabad. The farm is run in conjunction with SEWA, India's Self Employed Women's Association, and proved to be an ideal site for user feedback, because the farmers had been using and evaluating cookstoves for many months. The key challenge for these women is cooking rotla, a thicker flatbread typically cooked on a clay tava (circular griddle). Because the tava does not conduct heat as quickly as metal, it favors a wide medium flame rather than a narrow hot one. The "H2" HomeStove prototype was partially successful in this task, cooking the rotla nicely, but not as fast as an open fire, and with more shifting of the bread to distribute the heat. A clay tava was procured for further improvement back in the lab.

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