User Story: Killbear Provincial Park

October 01, 2012
Killbear Provincial Park, Ontario, Canada 10/1/2012 BY Don, Barrie and Ont
With the last long weekend upon us my wife and I headed to Killbear Provincial Park to spend Canadian Thanksgiving camping. We got the BioLite CampStove ready and started the potatoes for Thanksgiving dinner. The water boiled real fast and in no time the potatoes were ready. The temperature was very cold, in the single digits, but I was able to keep my hands warm while I cooked. I charged my iphone at the same since it was getting low on charge. Although we changed to a larger pot to boil water for dishes, it was quite stable on the CampStove and the dishwater was ready in no time. After dinner I kept charging my iphone and think I am starting to figure things out. I can hardly wait until winter to use my BioLite CampStove.

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