User Story: Backpacking in the Moravia Woods with Biolite

June 01, 2013
Moravia, Czech Republic 6/1/2013 BY Roman P

I spent a couple of days with my family and mates going across the northern Moravia Woods in the Czech Republic. We really love to go out and smell the fresh air and see the beautiful nature. The first day was quite hard because we were caught in heavy rain fall and strong winds during the night. However, the next morning it was clam and sunny. We spent the day looking for a place to find some drinkable water. In the evening I used the BioLite CampStove to cook a meal. It worked really great and we were able to charge our gadgets. I found dry hard sticks and pine cones to be the best solid fuel. I was able to boil two litres of water in only a few minutes. Can you imagine how hot potatoes tasted while we looked up at the starry sky? It cannot be described in words because it must be experienced!

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