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September 19, 2012

While pulling together our Infographic, we were amazed by the incredible resources for disaster preparedness and response at  Check out our infographic below and as well as some helpful recommendations to help make your family prepared.

BioLite Emergency Readiness Tips Infographic


1) Make a family communications plan in case of disaster.  Discuss in advance how you will get to a safe place, how you will contact one another and how you will get back together in different situations. has a helpful communications plan template to help you do this.

Read more about family communications in case of a disaster here.

2) To begin preparing, build a basic emergency kit.  In addition to food and water, items such as a first aid kit, flashlight, whistle, cell phone, and extra batteries and charging supplies.

See a full list of suggestions for a basic emergency kit.

3) Customize your kit according to your household needs.  Consider adding prescription medicines, infant formula, pet food, important family documents, and warm clothes and bedding.

4) Pack at least a three day supply of food and water.  Keep in mind dietary restrictions and avoid foods that will keep you thirsty.  If you live in a warm weather climate more water may be necessary. In very hot temperatures, water needs can double.

For more guidelines on food and water supply at

5) Have a plan for your pets.  Consider packing a "pet survival" kit with pet food, bottled water, medications and other supplies with you.  Make sure you have a secure pet carrier, leash or harness for your pet so that if he panics, he can't escape.  

6) Prepare your house for an earthquake by fastening shelves securely to walls, placing large or heavy objects on lower shelves, and storing breakable items in low cabinets with latches. Identify safe spots in each room of your house under a sturdy table or against an inside wall.

7) Practice Fire Safety. Regularly clean your roof and gutters and clear items that will burn from around the house. recommends as a resource, which has outstanding information to assure safety from fire and offers free workshops for fire safety across the nation. 

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