Welcome To The NanoGrid Lighting System Create a custom setup with our modular line of rechargeable lights and change the way you spend your nights outside. Meet the NanoGrid

Great Alone. Even Better Together.

The NanoGrid Lighting System is six products that you can mix, match, and chain to customize your perfect outdoor lighting setup.

The space-saving LANTERNS feature edge-lit technology and are designed to replace common bulky shapes with flat, packable designs. We took out the wasted space without losing any light.

What do we have at home that we forget in the outdoors? Overhead lighting. BioLite’s line of lightweight, daisy-chainable STRING LIGHTS provide ambient or directional lighting to bring a sense of home wherever you go.

Now start building your ideal NanoGrid.

Shop Space-Saving Lanterns
  • Edge-Lit Technology
  • Hang, Stand, or Wear
  • USB Rechargeable
  • USB Charge Out
Power phones, GPSs, and more
PowerLight Mini
Lanterns Quick Compare

Shop Shadow-Fighting String Lights
  • Overhead Light
  • Daisy-Chainable
  • USB Adapter
  • Dimmable
Using PowerLight & BaseLantern
SiteLight Mini
SiteLight XL
String Lights Quick Compare
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