BioLite Energy is committed to accessibility and strives to ensure its services are accessible to the broadest circle people including those with disabilities. The website is designed to conform to the principles of WCAG 2.1 AA. BioLite Energy reaches beyond compliance, providing usability improvements that benefit all users including those that rely on assistive technology.

BioLite Energy website is tested with a robust, internal accessibility program. We test our site with screen readers and color correction tools. Additionally, we have commissioned third-party accessibility developers to not only review but redesign portions of the website. To help ensure that who all people have the same experience on our website, the website has been tested and reviewed by disabled individuals using various assistive technology.

Technology is evolving and the implementation of online accessibility is rapidly changing. Accessibility is powered by your willingness to share your experience on our site.

If you are a screen reader user, we recommend accessing the website with the followingbrowser-screen reader combinations:

  • Windows: JAWS + Chrome
  • Mac: VoiceOver + Safari

We can easily be contacted at our direct number: +1 (844) 424-6548

We also maintain an online point of contact for accessibility on our website,

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