Power Your Family Through A Blackout

Special Offer: Save $439 On BioLite BaseCharge Power Station


Special Offer: $1,359

Power Your Family Through A Blackout

Safe, reliable backup energy. Plug in to get back to your normal routine.


Special Offer: $1,359

"In real-life performance, the BioLite BaseCharge 1500 was able to keep my laptop, monitor, and phone charged through two full workdays. The output was also high enough to bring water in my 1500W kettle to a boil."

– Digital Trends

“In my book, it’s a must have. Within the first month of having the BaseCharge we lost power. We plugged the blender, coffee grinder, and coffee maker into the BaseCharge and we went on with our morning. I knew I could trust BioLite to make a good piece of equipment.”

– Raymond, Verified Customer Review

"It’s been first class from the start. First of all, it was packed really well and arrived safely. Seems well built. It’s lighter than I expected, too, and the built in handles are a nice feature. But the front panel design really stands out to this aerospace electronics engineer"

– Ed, Verified Customer Review

"100% recommend. It's surprisingly light and portable considering the power output and fast charging times. We've used it to charge phones, laptops, shavers....and even my wife's breast pump in a pinch. Super user friendly with an easy to understand screen to track wattage in/out."

– Jeremy G, Verified Customer Review

What Is It?

BaseCharge is a portable, rechargeable power station that can power multiple devices at once through AC, DC, and Wireless charging options. It requires no gas and is safe to use inside. 

Why Do I Need It?

When the grid is down, you can stay up and running:

Run CPAPs, purifiers, and breast pumps

Keep your food fresh and cook meals easily

Maintain education & entertainment for kids

Home office stays connected so you don’t miss a beat

What You Can Power On A Single Charge

Wanting to see how long BaseCharge can run your specific device? Send us a note and we'll send a personal reply within 48 hours.

The BaseCharge Difference

It's Really Easy To Use

BaseCharge is ready to go right out of the box

Much Lighter Than The Other Guys

We're talking 9-19 pounds lighter than other options with the same power

Designed To Blend Into Your Home

Durability and beauty don't have to compete.

We're Off-Grid Energy Experts

We've provided safe, reliable energy to over 5 million people in Africa.

Home Emergency Kit

Power and lighting for the perfect blackout kit. Save $502 with code BACKUP

Energy On A Mission

Since 2012, BioLite has been delivering safe ways for families to cook, charge, and light daily life beyond the traditional grid. Your purchase helps us reach more households and build a future that is bright for all of us.

A Wall Outlet Wherever You Are

Power Through With The BaseCharge Power Station

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