Power Up From The Sun

Portable Solar Panels You Can Take Anywhere

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SolarPanel 100 Anatomy

  1. Highly efficient monocrystalline solar cells deliver peak performance.
  2. Dual kickstands stabilizes on various terrain.
  3. Water resistant storage pouch keeps cables and ports dry in a rain storm.
  4. USB-A & USB-C ports for direct charging.
  5. Analog sundial for perfect alignment and peak power input.

Who Is This For ?

Sustainable Living Advocates: Embrace sustainability with SolarPanel 100. Power your home with clean, renewable energy.

Nomadic Adventurers & Explorers: Stay charged off-grid and on-the-go with SolarPanel 100. Power your adventures sustainably.

Emergency Preparedness: Be ready for almost anything with SolarPanel 100 and Solar Generator Kits. Reliable backup power, always prepared.

Pair It With BaseCharge

Easy to Setup

Unfold it, align it, stabilize it - and start generating. Simple as that.

Easy to Stash

4 panel design folds down to 20 x 14", making it easy to store in tight spaces.

45W of direct power

Integrated USB-C port is rated 45W for powerful direct charging to laptops, tablets, and more.

Plays well with others

Ideal for BaseCharge power stations but can work with any HPP-enabled power station solutions.

Energy On A Mission

Since 2012, BioLite has been delivering safe ways for families to cook, charge, and light daily life beyond the traditional grid. Your purchase helps us reach more households and build a future that is bright for all of us.

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