2016 Energy Ecosystem

Cook Charge Light

Designed to Work Better, Together

Do more with less. BioLite’s 2016 Energy Ecosystem is a full cooking, charging, and lighting toolkit for life outside and on the go.

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On-the-Go Light

PowerLight Mini features red or white flash modes and an easy to use bike mount; when you’re done at the campsite, take it on your commute.

Direct Sun

SolarPanel 5 series’ integrated sundial keeps you aligned to the sun to capture direct rays for max power.

Powerful Charge

Featuring the Optimal Sun System, the SolarPanel 5 can fully charge a smartphone in two hours when in peak sun.

LED Interface

4 fan speeds on the new CookStove control flame size at the touch of a button. Burn the wood around you and get a campfire feel that can cook your meals – without the smoke.

Edge-lighting Technology

The PowerLight Mini is only 15mm thick yet produces an impressive 135 lumens. Integrated clipstand allows you to hang, stand, or wear for both task and ambient lighting.

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